James Lusher Photography, a lifetime in the making, a destiny that was always there.

From early childhood, my factination for Aviation & Travel was cemented firmly through the eyes of my parents. A Mother who loved to tell stories of travel, and took great joy in flying, as well as a Father who was patient enough to take me to the airfields around Perth in Western Australia to watch planes taking off and landing (he liked it just as much as i did) Aviation had hooked me by the age of 4.

Photography was something that never came naturally, or held much interest until a 2 year stint in the outback of Australia - Working on two cattle stations of the Northern Territory as a 32 year old, opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and a desire to share what I saw with my eyes.

Our Story

Combining my love for Aviation, Photography and after a half life filled with travel advernture around Australia, Asia and Europe - James Lusher Photography was born. Initially under the guise of @Lush_Aviation on Instagram.

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For The Love Of Travel 

....And a great story