VH-XZB Goes Tech

Qantas has begun the trial of Inflight Wifi on one of it's Boeing 737's this week.

VH-XZB spent over a week in early November receiving the new satellite antenna to commence the testing. Currently the aircraft does not have the system up and running for passengers, and the anticipated launch date for the revolutionary new gadget is not slated until early 2017.

Early commentary from Qantas states that it's customers can expect wifi 10 times faster than conventional onboard wifi systems currently in use, making use of the high speed KA band for it's fleet. 

The expected roll out (if successful) will commence in Mid 2017, with the B737 and A330's first to receive the tech. Qantas are also floating the idea of taking the technology to it's regional fleet, but nothing is confirmed at this stage. 

On another note, while the engineer's were busy installing the new satellite technology, an extra row of seating was added to XZB, in the continuing fleet reconfiguration. 

XZB was returned to service on the 9th of November, and I've attached some images below of the new look Boeing 737 from the 13th of November here in Sydney.