Sydney Airport - Going from Strength to Strength

Sydney Airport is going from strength to strength in 2016, on both the Domestic and International fronts, passenger numbers or on the up-and-up!

In data released today, Sydney Airport saw whopping 3.7% increase in combined Domestic and International passenger numbers through the month of October 2016 - 3,653,000 passengers, compared to October 2015 with 3,524,000. 

  • October 2016 Domestic - Up 1.4% on the previous corresponding period -PCP - (2,379,000 total passengers)
  • October 2016 International - Up 8.3% on the PCP (1,274,000 total passengers)

Where are these increases coming from?! - On the Domestic front, airlines (such as Qantas) are reconfiguring their aircraft cabins with extra seating which boosts numbers without adding extra flights PLUS they're always evolving the utilisation of their fleets to drive more efficiency in a bid to get the maximum flying time out of each airframe. 

On the International front, there's two main reasons for the huge growth increase, which will only grow further in the coming months and years. Larger aircraft are visiting Sydney with a greater frequency and new services from new destinations are arriving into Sydney on what seems to be a fairly regular basis. China being one of the main drivers.

Standouts Destinations for Departing Passengers: (compared to the PCP)

  • Qatar (new)
  • Japan +24.0%
  • New Zealand +14.9%
  • Indonesia +14.1%
  • China +13.3%

Standout Countries for Arriving Passengers: (compared to the PCP)

  • Japan +41.2%
  • India +22.0%
  • China +15.9%
  • America +13.8%
  • Korea +9.8%

As mentioned above - these numbers will only rise from here! Korean Airlines upgraded their A380 service to Sydney a month earlier than anticipated due to the high demand. Asiana Airlines have also brought their A380 to Sydney for the first time this week, with the possibility of a daily service from the end of December for the duration of the peak summer season. Emirates Airlines now send a purely A380 fleet to Sydney - with 3 daily arrivals. The recent and final upgrade on the Christchurch service will add an additional 237,00 seats each year into Sydney Airport. Qatar Airways have also seen the demand for an upgrade to the A380 which happened in September 2016. Singapore Airlines have recently returned to 2 x A380 each day, with their B77W picking up the 3rd and 4th flights each day.