A Day on the Balcony

Waking up early just isn't fun, Although, I am a huge subscriber to the "early morning is the best part of every day" theory. I love the colours of the sky just before the sunrise, I love the peace and quiet, the busy birds chirping - But I do not love the initial feeling of tiredness! 

Nevermind.. Todays 4am wake up was no ordinary morning call. I knew that a special livery was due to depart at 6am, and that i'd be spending some time up on the ATC balcony here at Sydney Airport.. "Got to get up!!"

Sunrise, well i'll leave the below photo to explain that.. (worth all the effort, YES)

6am and right on queue, EK415 pushed back from the gates to reveal the LA Dodgers livery. This is an aircraft i've been dying to photograph since its first airing to the world. SO glad it's finally come on a weekend, even if it means waking up at a crazy time of the day!

Feeling somewhat awake now, and with a belly full of McDonalds, I checked in with security a the ATC, and took position up on the balcony for a solid morning of photography. The air was still warm from the night before, and the breeze was fresh from the north west at about 25kms per hour. Runway 34L/R in use. The forecast had the winds shifting south westerly about 9am so I knew a runway change was inevitable - However, it when it arrived, (right on time), the 70km/ph westerlies buffeted the balcony and made shooting extremely difficult and caused chaos for the Traffic Controllers and pilots alike.. Aircraft shifted to Rwy 25, with some heavies arriving and departing on 34L.. Plenty of action!!  I've attached some of the photo's below, from this session. 

Sydney Airport also held its first 'open to the public' Charity fun run.. The Runway Run! This great event raises much needed money for the Ronald McDonald Children's Charity and was huge success, raising over 11K!! I stopped by Runway 25 to get some shots of the runners in action!

What a day - 3 locations, 70km/ph winds and a charity run! Hope you enjoy the images!