Freight For Days

Spend a day at Sydney Airport, and you'll see a huge variety of aircraft - This is a given!

Spend an hour on the Internet, and you'll have more opportunity to buy something from a far land than ever before! 

Thats where these aircraft come in.. There's an amazing array of Freight Aircraft servicing Sydney today.. Regulars like UPS and FedEx from the states, SQC from Singapore, Polar Cargo from Japan and China...the list goes on! 

Recent figures have Sydney Airport turning over nearly $36 Billion dollars in Air Freight per year, which contributes $8 billion in gross profit for the NSW Government. (20% of the total freight comes through dedicated Cargo Aircraft)

With the passenger numbers increasing year on year for Sydney Airport, and aircraft being creatively shifted around to accommodate the high number of arrivals per hour (especially in the AM), will an expansion of the freight gates need to be considered?! OR will the arrival of the Badgerys Creek Airport in the coming decade aide the congestion into Sydney by taking up some of the forecasted demand for Air Freight? 

From a photographers perspective, these old (and new) aircraft are a welcome sight on any day.. The MD11F is a top performer, and has remained that way for decades! The 747-8 from CX is absolutely stunning to photograph and too rare!! (in my opinion)

The world is getting closer and closer thanks to these Freighters. Example:  just last week I purchased a Canon 10-22USM lens from HKG, and had it in my hand 2 days later.. Amazing!

Looking forward to the coming years at Sydney Airport, hopefully with some new editions on the horizon!