Qatar Airways Goes Large

Tourism has long been a huge driver for the Australian economy, and the airline industry is the catalyst in making tourism work! 

The state of NSW is going through a huge boom, thanks to the popularity of Sydney Airport (Australia's main airline hub) as a destination. With the largest network of connecting flights to destinations around the country, it just makes great sense to bring the larger aircraft here! 

As of the 16th of September 2016, Qatar Airways have upgraded there service from Doha to Sydney from the B777, up to their flagship A380. With an additional 116,070 seats into and out of Sydney each day of the year, this one aircraft change has a massive impact on both tourism numbers, and economy boosting tourism dollars. 

Qatar's Doha-Sydney service is already touted to have generated an estimated 3000 jobs, and contribute around $240 million annually for the local, and national economy. Now that the A380 is flying this route, that dollar figure is predicted to grow by a further $78 million each year. Astounding figures! 

  Qatar's inaugural A380 service arriving at the gate in Sydney

Qatar's inaugural A380 service arriving at the gate in Sydney

Of course, Qatar could only do this with good passenger loading on the route.. And this is clearly correct! With the up-guage coming after only 6 months (March 2nd, 2016) of flying into Sydney.

Qatar Airways schedule for the A380 is currently: (all times displayed in local time)

  • Depart Doha 2140, Arrive Sydney 1935 (next day)
  • Depart Sydney 2225, Arrive Doha 0505 (next day)