Airbus A380 Paradise - Sydney Airport


Sydney was the very first commercial destination for the A380. 9V-SKA flew the journey from Singapore to Sydney and as the world looked on in awe, history was made, and the future outlined.

Qantas aside, it's been a fairly easy decision for airline executives to select Sydney as a destination for their Super Jumbo's - offering their customers the 'Premium Experience' into Australia's main hub. 

Daily Services

  • Emirates: Currently twice daily with the A380 (touted to go thrice daily at some stage in the future)
  • Singapore Airlines: Once daily, with seasonal adjustments up to twice daily during the Australian Summer and Chinese New Year. 
  • Etihad: Etihad operate once daily with their A380, and high passenger loads are confirming they've made the right choice. 
  • Qantas: Sydney is the main hub for our national airline, and you can fly the QF A380 to destinations such as LAX, Dallas, Dubai and London on a daily basis. Seasonally servicing Hong Kong also. 
  • Qatar Airways: Relatively new to Sydney, and soon to upgrade to the A380 (SEP 15th 2016). QR will bring there A380 into Sydney to compete with EK and EY from the Middle East. All 3 airlines will have a 9 or 10pm departure out of Sydney airport with their premium products.

Seasonal Services

  • Korean Air send their A380's down under during the Australian summer. Aiding the high tourist volumes from northern Asia looking to escape the harsh winters. 
  • China Southern also join in the seasonal flights to Sydney with the A380. Bringing passengers from Southern China down for the warmer weather. 
  • Asiana Airlines will be bringing their A380 to Sydney for a brief period this year. This will be a first for Asiana into a Southern Hemisphere destination. 

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