Rydges Sydney Airport - Comfortable Plane Spotting


When the Observation deck at Sydney International Airport closed to the general public, "we the avgeek" lost our birds eye view of the airport, and that extra perspective to mix things up! 

Unfortunate, but a sign of Sydney Airports ongoing transition to improve the customer experience and update the interior of the terminals. 

To The Rescue!

Rydges Hotel Sydney Airport opened not long after and the balance was returned. Although the viewing deck high on the hotel's rooftop is not open to the public every day of the week (closed when private functions book the space), it is an option now! And a very comfortable one.

  As you can see - The view is unparalleled

As you can see - The view is unparalleled

Few spotting locations have a cafe, just a short 9 floor elevator ride below. With great food and even better coffee - this is a huge bonus! 

To access the viewing deck, you need to pay a $10 entry fee and provide your drivers license or passport for security purposes. For this $10 you get a beverage voucher, and hotel pass to come and go from the Observation Deck for the day. 

The Deck stays open from 6am, right through to 11pm so if you are super keen, you can stay as long as the airport remains open! Either runway direction will get you some amazing photographs 

 Here's Etihad with a 34L Departure in the mid afternoon sun

Here's Etihad with a 34L Departure in the mid afternoon sun

Evening's are an absolute highlight from the viewing deck, with the sun shining of the Sydney CBD in the distance - And perfect light for aviation photography! 



Be sure to call ahead!! (02) 9313 2500 - You never know when the observation deck will be booked, and calling ahead to confirm will save some heartache!