Boeing 797

Yes, it exists! In both digital and paper form anyway...

First announced to the world at the 2015 Paris Air Show with few specifics, some details are now coming out of the woodwork and shedding light on the proposed MOM (Middle of Market) airframe.

Since the gradual decline of the Boeing 767/757 fleets around the globe, a gap has started to open up in the "mid size" aircraft market. The 797 will slot into the numbers game somewhere between the largest capacity B737 and the lowest capacity B787 - putting estimated passenger numbers around the 230/260 mark.   

Boeing seem poised to give this project he green light in the coming year, with ambitions to have them fleet ready by 2025. No doubt, the learning's throughout the B787 project will aide the streamline process' that the aircraft manufacturer will have to undergo over the coming years.

The positioning of this aircraft will make it quite attractive to the low cost carriers around the globe, opening up longer routes previously inaccessible with the B737 / A320 A321 aircraft, whilst keeping the costs below the price tag associated with a B787 Dreamliner.

Let's hope this one gets off the ground!