Sydney - A Dreamliner Destination

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner had a rough start in the aviation world.. From conception to delivery, the B787 airways were fraught with challenges and hiccups.

Announced to the world on January 29th, 2003 as the 7E7 and utilising some of the technology on the initially proposed "Sonic Cruiser" (which never made it past a blueprint), the Dreamliner found a slot in the market for a long range, economic, twin engined, dual isle aircraft. And the airlines were keen! Boeing had also proposed the 747X around the same time but found the marketplace cooler for 4 engined, older style and thirsty aircraft. As we know, the 747-8 did eventuate however mostly in a Cargo variant.

When released to the market, orders for the B787 bolted from the gate, with 56 placed in 2004, 235 in 2005, 157 in 2006 and a staggering 369 in 2007. Currently over 1200 787's have been ordered in all three variants and as of February 2017, 521 are now with their proud owners.

Sydney's first taste of the B787 came though Jetstar Australia, with the intention of opening up Asian destinations at cheap prices to the travel hungry Australian population. After a settling in process which saw the JQ 787's serve between Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Sydney and Brisbane soon hosted International services in early 2014 with this revolutionary aircraft. 

Since then Sydney Airport has seen a swathe of airlines put the Dreamliner into Service to Australia's premier and busiest airport. 

Air New Zealand - LATAM - Fly Scoot - Air India - Xiamen - United Airlines - All Nippon Airways - Vietnam Airlines & Japan Airlines all have daily services to Sydney. Qantas are tipped to join this party at some stage through 2018, although routes are yet to be confirmed. 

United Airlines serve Sydney with daily services from LAX and SFO, and Vietnam Airlines are about to commence a second (3 x weekly) service from Hanoi with the Dreamliner, to compliment the daily service from Ho Chi Minh.

Who's next??!! With the aircraft's increasing popularity among airlines and passengers alike, this marvel of technology will be around, and in increasing numbers, for a long time to come!

What's your favourite livery on the Dreamliner? 

Author: James Lusher