Review: Cathay Pacific A330-300 Business Class

Setting The Scene

I have always looked forward from my economy seat with huge volumes of envy (as I'm sure we all do). Pondering what amazing meal was being served, how much better it would feel to lay flat whilst watching a movie and how well rested I would feel at the end of the flight.

I'm 6 foot 1 inch, not huge by any means, but tall enough to feel the spatial lacking of the economy class seat pitch and leg room. Hence, stepping into the beautiful Cathay Pacific's Business Class cabin was a dream come true.

For me, the Business Class experience, and the difference between it, and Economy Class comes down into 3 main features, Comfort, Customer Service & Overall Feel.


Space is something you become immediately aware of. From the moment you walk through the front door, you notice the light, spacious isle's in the large 1-2-1 configured cabin. Space means everything when you are travelling long distances, and due to the seating arrangement, you are barely aware of your fellow passengers which only adds to the comfort levels and feeling of relaxation.

The seats themselves are plush, and so wide and comfortable that you have little choice but to relax. With a simple flick of a button, you can alter the seat from sitting upright, to being fully flat inside of 1 minute. There's also 3 other adjuster buttons to mix and match the seat to suit your exact needs. For the 9 hour flight (SYD-HKG) I remained in a semi-flat state for at-least three quarters of the journey, and left the aircraft feeling fresh and ready to go! It was everything I'd ever hoped for.

Customer Service

The personal touch is something the Cathay Pacific crew are brilliant at. From your initial check in, to your entry into the aircraft, you are greeted with a welcoming smile and to be personally greeted by name and then shown to my seat, really set the tone for my CX110 flight from Sydney to Hong Kong. Does it get much better? Yes it does! Within minutes of sitting down, and after rapidly pawing at the seat options and IFE controller, you are presented with a beautiful array of drinks. Juices, Champagne, Water or anything you would like. I chose to enjoy the Oriental Breeze, a beautiful mix of Plum tea, cranberry juice, lemon juice, rose tea and honey. It's an absolute winner! Every interaction with the warm and friendly crew begins with your name "Mr Lusher, Would you like..." and it's always a done in a very personal manner, not automated or robotic by any means.

Throughout this flight, we were presented with endless array of world class food and beverage options.  Every course was well thought out, and perfectly prepared, to the point where I exited the aircraft vowing to take a break from food for a day - I was full to the brim and overwhelmed with the attention to detail and outstanding service Cathay Pacific had provided.

Overall Feel

As mentioned at the outset, this was my first experience in Business Class. I have read dozens and dozens of reviews about Cathay Pacific, and other airlines, but nothing could prepare me for the outstanding door to door service that was to come. I cannot recommend Cathay highly enough. Their product is first rate. Their service was world class, and as I was to discover, this is not limited to 40,000 feet in the air. I'll soon be posting a review regarding the Cathay Pacific Lounges located in Hong Kong Airport where excellence is taken a step further!

Have you flown Business Class with Cathay Pacific before? I'd love to hear your stories - Comment below!

Reviewer: James Lusher