Review: Air Asia - Premium Flat Bed

Comfort that doesn't hurt your wallet. 


Air Asia is a well known low cost option for travelling throughout Asia on their extensive network - With a cabinet full of awards from the industry recognised team at Skytrax - which includes the worlds Best Low Cost Carrier (LCC) for a record 9 times - there's no denying they have great reputation within the global travelling community.

Checking in for my D7222 KUL-SYD flight at KLIA2 , I knew that Air Asia X had no problems selling their Premium Flat Beds, but I thought I'd ask anyway - and I was in luck! For a small fee I was going to get the opportunity to rest earlier than I thought.

First impressions are great - the stylish Premium cabin has only 12 flat beds in a 2-2-2 configuration with wide isles and lots of overhead luggage space. My seat is 1K in the front right corner. There's a water bottle ready and waiting at your seat, and the (included) inflight entertainent tablet promptly delivered before pushback. First impression, 8/10

The flight departs on time at 11:40pm local, and before you know it the seatbelt sign turns off and it's time to test out the Flat Beds capability.  

First point.. it's not exactly flat. Whilst you can lay down flat, the seat stops reclining with about 5 to 10 degrees to go which leaves the potential of sliding just a little - although I didn't. Second point, and the reason I didn't slide is that I'm 6 foot 2 inches and my feet were touching the wall in front of me, so I had to bend my legs to accomodate. I don't actually sleep with straights legs anyway so this was no drama for me, and I happily tucked up on my side to enjoy the stars outside my window. The seat itself is stylish, comfortable and functional, with power available for laptops and phone chargers, as well as a small storage compartment. Overall comfort, 8/10

Included in your Premium flight is a meal. Now I've eaten onboard Air Asia X previously so I was under no illusions about how fantastic the meal would be. I ordered the a local Malaysian favourite, Nasi Lemak and it doesn't look overly appealing, but tastes great and fills you up nicely (pictured below) - all I needed before reclining for a sleep. Food: 5/10 


My overall experience with Air Asia X's Premium Flat Bed is comfortable and pleasant. The cabin crew are extremely professional, polite and responsive. The bed is comfortable and all that you need for the 8 hour flight to/from KL and I would absolutely choose this LCC's Premium product for my next adventures in Asia. It's a fantastic low cost option for those looking for a little relaxation at 40 thousand feet.

 Overall Experience: 8/10


Author: James Lusher  - June 23rd, 2017

This review compares Air Asia against other LCC's only - To ensure a fair assessment.